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Christmas time is a time of joy and happiness for so many children – but for kids in foster care – the holidays are often a sad reminder of what it means not to have a family. Kids in foster care miss the comfort of knowing that they always have a place where they are always welcome, year after year. They don’t know what it is like to have family traditions such as decorating a Christmas tree and opening Christmas presents on Christmas day. A lot of the children lack the simplest things that ordinary people take for granted like haircuts and body wash unless they are on “good behavior.”

Growing up in the foster care system, Louanna Faine didn't get to experience Christmas. We didn't have traditions like decorating the tree, making a list and leaving cookies for Santa. Many organizations try to gather toys for foster children around the holidays, but for kids in foster care, particularly those who have been victims of sex trafficking, the need runs much deeper than that. These children often go without basic necessities, like toiletries, soap, and personal hygiene products.

As a result of her first-hand experience, Louanna began the "What if Christmas Forgot About You?" campaign to give children the gift of a loving Christmas--in some cases, for the first time in their lives.

Meet the Team

The team at the Real Change Foundation incorporates individuals from diverse backgrounds, including sports, media, journalism, food, personal finance and fitness. With their diverse backgrounds and passion for making a difference in the lives of children nationwide, the Real Change team works tirelessly to bring awareness to sex trafficking, child abuse, and neglect within the foster care system.


María Del Carmen Luna

Board Member

Maria was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is a resident of the state of Arizona since 2006.  For over twenty years, Luna has held various leadership roles in the food, healthcare and Fintech industries.  Her latest venture is co-founder and CEO of Bravo Tip or Pay, a unique Fintech solution geared towards service industry professionals, musicians and small merchants who often miss out on payments and tips because most people no longer carry cash.


Desmond Miller

Board Member

Desmond is an experienced broadcast/digital journalist with a proven track record of working in the media industry. Skilled in non-linear editing, journalism, sports writing, script-writing, and more, Desmond is a strong arts and design professional who enjoys taking on a variety of projects and developing his skills. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism and Mass Communications.


Rod Smith

Board Member

Rod is very passionate about helping others and generating a better life style for my family and friends. After over 10 years of customer service, finance, mortgage, real-estate, athletics, and sales experience, he decided to begin his own small businesses.  Blessed with a wonderful support system and world-class mentors, Rod plans to utilize his drive to improve the lives of those around him and his career experience to build a family legacy.

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